Inflight Dubai SandStorm to run on four occasions in 2017

Inflight Dubai has announced four more of its hugely popular SandStorm events for 2017. The first event will take place this month, 19 March 2017 at Inflight Dubai’s facility in Margham, Dubai.


Location:                                    Inflight Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Event:                                          Inflight Dubai SandStorm

Date and time:                         19 March 2017, 19:00hrs

Event website:               

Event supported by:             Inflight Dubai, Red Bull UAE, Casio G-Shock, The Warehouse Gym, Firnas Fly, XDubai, Skyhub Dubai, Skydive Dubai


Inflight Dubai SandStorm is an event which caters to skydivers and tunnel flyers of all skill levels, pitting them against each other in a formation skydiving competition. The event format is commonly known as a ‘scrambles’ event in which the competitors are spilt into random teams made up of different individual skill levels.

Previous SandStorm events in 2015 and 2016 have seen over 100 different competitors from all areas of the world.

As a new addition to this year’s events, competitors will also have a free opportunity to attempt different indoor skydiving records which will be then submitted to Guinness World Records for verification. Inflight Dubai currently holds 5 different indoor skydiving records, including the longest indoor skydive and largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel.

For further information and registration visit the event website at


Located off the E66 road to Al Ain, Inflight Dubai offer thrill-seekers the chance to skydive without having to leap from a plane. It boasts the world’s largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel according to the Guinness World Records, which measures 16.5ft across, 68ft in height, can host speeds of up to 175mph and boasts four electric motors. Sessions are available for beginner and experienced flyers alike, and feature aid from instructors throughout. The centre also hosts competitions from beginner to pro-flyers, which features a precious prize up for grabs.


Media contact:      Mikie Davey, Inflight Dubai


Phone:                      +971 800 4635 4448