Adrenaline on canvas during Art Dubai :

Dubai’s fast-paced energy, and action sports brands XDubai and Skydive Dubai inspire Agron Hoti’s VELOCITÀ

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  • VELOCITÀ, the latest art from world renowned artist, Agron Hoti, makes its debut during Art Dubai
  • Inspired by the spirit of Skydive Dubai and XDubai, VELOCITÀ is currently on display at The Lodge
  • The grand art piece is a sports-inspired installation by the Italian-based abstract artist, and the second in partnership with XDubai

30 March 2021 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai’s vibrant spirit and fast-paced energy is the subject of Italy based artist Agron Hoti’s VELOCITÀ. Making its debut during this year’s Art Dubai (29 March – 3 April 2021), VELOCITÀ was inspired by both the city of Dubai, as well as the work of homegrown action-sport brands, XDubai and Skydive Dubai. VELOCITÀ is Hoti’s expression of how it feels to skydive, jumping from a plane at 13,000 feet (3,900m) and heading towards the city of Dubai at speeds up to 120 mph (193km/hr).

“Dubai is a city that is fast paced, and I love this about the city. It is also the home to lovers of action sports, and this is what inspired me to come up with my latest artwork, VELOCITÀ!”, said Agron Hoti who is currently in Dubai for the premiere of his work during Art Dubai.

Currently on display at The Lodge in Dubai, VELOCITÀ, which means velocity in Italian, is the latest art piece by the world-renowned abstract artist. Inspired by the extraordinary and aerial feats achieved by the team at Skydive Dubai and XDubai, Dubai’s very own action sports hub, Hoti was intrigued to see how the city of Dubai would look from a bird’s eye view. This led to Hoti taking a trip to Skydive Dubai and experiencing first-hand how the city looks from above, while traveling at a high velocity. Experiencing the sights and sounds of Dubai through a different lens than most tourists, inspired Hoti to create the 15x12m artwork at Skydive Dubai. 

Fourteen pieces make the grand VELOCITÀ and six are on display at The Lodge, located on Al Meydan Street D69 in Dubai. Two pieces remain part of both XDubai and Skydive Dubai’s respective art collections.

“XDubai’s work has inspired millions around the globe to defy their own limits of what they believe is possible, extending beyond athletics and also now into arts,” said Mohamad Javad, General Manager of XDubai. “In many ways our athletes are artists who express themselves in incredibly unique and inspiring ways, and it is encouraging to see the thrill that they experience depicted in this beautiful art piece. VELOCITÀ is a beautiful homage to what we at XDubai live by day after day and it is an honour having Hoti work on his third major art piece here in Dubai.”

VELOCITÀ, is currently on public display during Art Dubai on the grand walls in the interior of The Lodge, a new lifestyle focused cafe in the heart of Dubai, designed to be a home for lovers of art and niche collectibles.

“The adrenaline rush when I landed on ground inspired me to create an image of the artwork instantly. VELOCITÀ’s strokes depict what speed means in the eyes of an artist. I would like to thank the team at Skydive Dubai for inviting me to experience the thrill of free falling. It is an experience I will never forget,” added Hoti. VELOCITÀ is the third installation – and Hoti’s latest sports-inspired art – following two earlier pieces, ECLISSI (Verona, 2020), and EXXTRA (Rome, 2019).


VELOCITÀ is currently available for public viewing at The Lodge in Dubai.

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