Why Dubai

Dubai. The Dream maker. The Vision builder. The Record breaker. We are fast becoming one of the top choices for sports lovers, adventure hunters and thrill seekers looking to defy their own limit and break Guinness World records.

Athletes and challengers from around the globe have come to Dubai to pit themselves against current records, earning world titles with their amazing achievements. The emirate is perfectly placed to host national and international challengers, at the cross-roads between the West and the East. The city is part of a country that is itself a feat of achievement, rising from the sands in just a few decades to become the top sporting, trade, investment, tourism and hospitality hub throughout the region. Here are just a few of the amazing records broken in Dubai so far:

The Highest Base Jump:

April 21, 2014

XDubai daredevils Fred Fugen and Vince Reffett plunged from a 3-by-1 metre platform atop the 828-metre spire of the Burj Khalifa, entering the Guinness World Record books for the Highest Base Jump from the Tallest Building in the world. Read more about Burj Khalifa Jump.

The Longest Breath:

October 7, 2014

Fazza freediving champion Branko Petrovic set this Guinness World Record by holding his breath for an astounding 11 minutes, 54 seconds.

The Smallest Parachute:

April 6, 2014

It might have been the smallest parachute in the world, but it certainly wasn’t the smallest jump in the world for Ernesto Gainza; who jumped from 14,000 feet at Skydive Dubai to break the Guinness World Record with a parachute of only 35 square feet.

The Most Bungee Jumps:

March 21, 2014

151 bungee jumps in 24 hours sent Colin Philips into the Guinness World Record books, after the attempt was successfully completed with Gravity Zone at the Dubai Autodrome. This record breaker was held with a noble cause in mind, in support of the charity Breast Cancer Arabia.

The Most Forward Somersaults:

February 18, 2014

Entering the Guinness World Records for the most forward somersaults in one minute in a wind tunnel is Matthew Gagne; who completed 58.

The Largest Indoor Skydiving Wind Tunnel:

August 6, 2013

The inflight Dubai wind tunnel was officially named the world’s largest, with an internal volume of 420.7metres cubed (or 14,858.12 foot metres cubed).

The Largest Balloon Parachute:

February 10, 2013

Skydive Dubai broke two Guinness World Records in one go in February 2013, when the most people to skydive from a hot air balloon in a single flight and the most people to skydive from a balloon simultaneously parachuted down over the Dubai skies.

The Fastest Time to Climb the Burj Khalifa:

March 29, 2011

‘The Human Spider’ Alain Robert scaled the sides of the Burj Khalifa in just over six hours, setting the inaugural Guinness World Record for the fastest time to climb the world’s tallest tower.

The Longest Piece of Graffiti Art in Dubai:

December 2, 2014

At 2.2454Km in length, Dubai smashed the world record for the longest graffiti scroll in the world, in celebration of the UAE’s 43rd National Day. More than 150 spray artists used at least 7,000 spray paint cans to create the masterpiece. Click here to read more about Graffiti Art in Dubai.

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